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Pop to the Shops ルール和訳


Pop to the Shops

Pop to the Shops


























1 jigged game board, 48 item cards, 4 shopping bag boards, 4 characters,
4 character stands, play money, 1 dice

Setting up
Assemble the game board and place it in the middle of the table. Place the
characters into the character stands.

Each player takes a shopping bag board, then chooses a character and
places it in the doorway of the matching coloured shop.

The small cards with the coloured background are placed over the correct
items in the shop windows. The remaining cards are shuffled and spread
face down on the table.

Each player is given two 50p coins, two 20p coins and a 10p coin. The rest
of the money is kept to one side and one person is chosen to be the banker.
Each time a player crosses the bank area they collect 20p from the banker,
until the bank runs out! They may also use the bank to change money into
smaller denominations.

To be the first player to buy any six items from the shops without

To play
Each player starts by picking a card from those spread out on the table. This
shows the first item they must purchase. N.B. If the card they turn over is
from their own shop, this card is placed back on the table face down and a
new card is taken.

The youngest player starts by throwing the dice and moving their character
the corresponding number of spaces towards the item shown on their card.

Play passes to the person on that player’s left.

When a player reaches the correct shop they must ask the shopkeeper
politely for the item they wish to buy and then pay the shopkeeper the
appropriate amount of money.

The card with the coloured background is given to the player and the other
card is discarded by placing it in the box.

The player places their item onto their shopping bag board, returns their
character to their own shop doorway and a new card is taken ready for their
next turn.

If fewer than four people are playing, the players may still purchase from all
shops, but the money from the shop(s) not in play is given to the bank.

Players must always check that they have enough money to purchase the
next item shown on their card. If not, then that card should be returned to
the table and a new card taken.

The winner
The winner is the first person to fill their shopping bag board with six items.